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Our new tutorial on
'Data Privacy'

In line with the GDPR, help your employees understand data privacy rules, making them aware of how these relate to their role and the steps they can take to ensure compliance.


ISO 37001
The new standard for anti-corruption

Your questions about ISO 37001 answered in our simple FAQ.


E-Learning 'Information Security'

Increase your employees' awareness of how security can be compromised and the steps they can take to prevent a breach.


Integrity Compass
Determine the prevalence of compliance in your company

In line with data protection laws, gain an insight into compliance awareness amongst company managers and employees.


Compliance subjects

Compliance solutions

Compliance communication

Success through compliance communication

Whether your company is just starting out or already in the process of setting up a compliance programme, it is always necessary to implement an appropriate and consistent, target-oriented communication strategy to accompany your compliance measures that is consistent, regular and begins right from the start.

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Compliance management support

Are you ready for compliance?

With Compliance becoming increasingly complex, this can result in companies requiring a greater level of support. Small and medium sized companies in particular often struggle to cope with new requirements as well as their function as a supplier.

We're here to support you with promoting compliance in your company. Following an initial consultation and risk analysis we'll be there to support you with the roll-out of compliance processes, systems, the management of compliance measures and ongoing optimisation.

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digital spirit + Interactive Dialogues = Idox Compliance

Idox Compliance successfully combines the solutions and products of both digital spirit, Germany's pioneer in the area of compliance training and Interactive Dialogue, renowned supplier of compliance e-learning to multinational, Fortune 500 companies.

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