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E-Learning Social Compliance

Promoting equal opportunities, fair working conditions and preventing illegal employment

Alongside legal considerations, questions of ethics and social issues are becoming increasingly important in the world of work. This is the case, for example, when it comes to the fair treatment of colleagues and employees, not to mention the legally compliant recruitment of temporary workers. As well as this, companies are focusing even greater attention on the quality of working conditions throughout their supply chains. Standards, guidelines and laws exist on both a national and international level in order to ensure that each employee is able to work in humane conditions.

Nowadays, companies are not only evaluated in terms of their financial success – their treatment of employees, domestic and foreign suppliers and temporary workers has increasingly come under public scrutiny. Negative headlines can sour a company’s public image, impact its opportunities in searching for qualified staff and even result in boycotts among clients.

We support companies in exercising their social responsibility and organising awareness-raising measures among employees with the aid of our new ‘Social Compliance’ e-learning programme series. The three overarching topics – equal treatment, fair working conditions and preventing illegal employment – are designed for international use and are self-contained training programmes. The content is based on multinational guidelines and is therefore suitable for training employees on European regulations that must also be implemented on a national level. Different lessons refer to country-specific laws (for example, the German Equal Treatment Act (AGG) and the Modern Slavery Act in the UK).

Contents of this e-learning program

The e-learning programme consists of multiple, self-contained lessons. Depending on whether you want to use the standard product or would like to customise it, you can pick and choose the lessons you want. You can find more on ‘Lessons’ and ‘Lesson types’ here.

  • Welcome
  • Equal opportunities: Introduction to equal treatment
  • Equal opportunities: Types of disadvantageous treatment
  • Equal opportunities: Characteristics of discrimination
  • Equal opportunities: Sexual harassment
  • Equal opportunities: Bullying
  • Equal opportunities: Recruitment
  • Equal opportunities: The manager's responsibilities
  • Fair working conditions: Introduction and framework conditions
  • Fair working conditions: No forced labour
  • Fair working conditions: No child labour
  • Fair working conditions: Fair wages
  • Fair working conditions: Occupational health and safety 
  • Fair working conditions: The manager's responsibilities
  • Illegal employment: Introduction
  • Illegal employment: Types of external staff deployment
  • Illegal employment: Labour leasing in depth
  • Illegal employment: Work and service contracts in depth
  • Illegal employment: Infringements of minimum wage laws
  • Test

Expert authors

Nicole Deparade and Eric Mayer, well-respected solicitors from GSK Stockmann – a leading, independent corporate law firm based in Germany – were appointed as expert authors for the Social Compliance e-learning programme series. Nicole Deparade’s main areas of expertise include individual labour law and collective employment law, HR compliance and employee data protection. Eric Mayer’s focus at GSK lies in corporate compliance, corporate governance and M&A. GSK Stockmann received the ‘Top Law Firm for Compliance’ award in 2019, while Eric Mayer has been nominated ‘Top Solicitor for Compliance’. You can find more information at



We developed social compliance related e-learning programs for Dräger, Telefonica, IKB, Belenus, Giesecke & Devrient, Gerolsteiner and many more.

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