New training programme from Idox Compliance aims to stop identity fraud in its tracks


The compliance agenda has become increasingly complex over the last few years. The internet and rise in popularity of social media, as well as the reliance on employees to abide by corporate policies, all leave companies exposed to potential compliance risks.

In response to the growing need for educational training opportunities that equip companies with the knowledge needed to protect themselves against possible risks, Idox Compliance has developed a ‘Fraud through Identity Theft’ e-learning programme alongside a customer, designed specifically to help mitigate identity fraud and the subsequent impact it can have on business operations.

The development of the training programme is timely, with recurring incidents of companies falling victim to identity fraud. In one case the damages incurred amounted to millions and impacted heavily on the company’s share price.

While not all identity fraud cases are of this magnitude, they can still affect any company, of any size. Idox Compliance’s identity theft programme helps companies minimise the chances of being impacted by such risks, educating staff in how to recognise suspicious situations and deal with them effectively. Presenting different scenarios, including fraudsters using false or stolen identities to divert money and goods from companies, the e-learning programme also references two of the most common fraud scams – notably, "Fake President" ("Fake CEO" or "CEO") and "Vendor Scam" or "Supplier Fraud".

The training will be key in helping companies raise greater awareness about the chance of identity fraud, as well as empowering employees with the knowledge they need to protect themselves and the wider business.

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