Export controls

Export controls

In today’s global economic cycles export control law is becoming increasingly important. Both the European Union and national governments use restrictions that apply to exports. Their purpose is to prevent strategic goods and technologies from falling into the wrong hands. There are also wider sanctions in place against certain countries.  Failure to comply with these restrictions can bring serious penalties for companies and for the individuals concerned. Having good export controls also makes good business sense, as unnecessary and costly delays (e.g. with Customs) can be avoided.

This programme is designed to help by giving an understanding of how Export Controls work and how they may affect your business. It also helps employees to identify situations when they may need to seek additional help and guidance. There are a series of checkpoints throughout to confirm the employees’ understanding, followed by a short test at the end of the programme.

Contents of this e-learning programme

After the introduction, the following key questions are covered in separate sections:

  • What is an export?
  • What are the legal implications I need to consider?
  • Will I need an export license?
  • What in case of non-compliance?
  • How to keep your paperwork in order?
  • Should I consider US Export Control legislation?
  • Have you remembered the key points?

The whole programme takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete.


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