General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG)

Equal Opportunity - The General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG)

Equal opportunity: The General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG)

Since the AGG entered into force, companies have been obligated to ensure that discrimination on the basis of gender, religion or philosophy, disability, age, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin is prevented or eliminated at the workplace. To do so, employers are required by law to inform and train their staff. They will be held liable if employees are shown to discriminate against or harass others.

The e-learning program from Idox Compliance is there to help you raise awareness among your managers and employees about discrimination. Practical examples are used to provide them with information on the legal requirements and teach them the skills they need to properly handle this issue. This in turn protects your company and relieves the workload of executive management. A certificate serves to verify that the user has completed the training program and successfully passed the test.

Contents of this e-learning program

  • Intro
  • Course aims
  • Basics
  • Joining the company
  • Working with colleagues
  • Management situations
  • Dealing with customers
  • Pregnancy and parental leave
  • Leaving the company
  • Final notes
  • Test
  • Certificate

This web-based training program takes approx. 50 minutes to complete.

Expert author

Henning WüstMore than ten years of successful legal practice have made Henning Wüst highly familiar with all labor law issues. In the mid-2000s he played an important role in establishing the "General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG)" draft legislation for over four years. During this period, the attorney-at-law published several specialized books and articles.


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