EU + US Competition law

Competition law compliance

As competition authorities around the world cooperate more closely and regularly, either using their formal legal powers or via competition networks, Competition Law compliance should be more than ever at the heart of a company’s risk management strategy.

Effective compliance programmes significantly reduce the risk of breaching competition laws. However, in many jurisdictions, even if a breach occurs, the degree to which your company can demonstrate a genuine commitment to Competition Law compliance may be an important factor when the regulatory authorities determine the severity of any penalties imposed.

This is why Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and Interactive Dialogues have developed ALTis, a cost-effective, easy-to-use online Competition Law compliance training solution for employees throughout your company.

Comprehensive EU Competition Law and separate US Antitrust training module

  • duration: 45-60 min
  • learning goal: provide in-depth knowledge on EU Competition Law or US Antitrust
  • format: html4
  • multimedia included: no
  • test section: 15 questions

Knowledge booster module

  • duration: 30 min
  • learning goal: ensure employees have the right reflexes i.e. establish or refresh base understanding of Competition Law regulation globally
  • format: html5
  • multimedia included: yes
  • test section: 10 questions

Refresher modules

  • duration: 20 min
  • goal: audit people’s knowledge levels and keeps the subject on the radar
  • format: html4, traditional or serious game
  • test section: depends on the chosen scoring/gaming logic

Dawn raids module

A Dawn Raid is an unannounced visit by the European Commission or the National Competition Authorities. Given the frequency and increasing powers of the EU and National Competition Authorities, it is important that everyone in a company understands how to behave during a dawn raid. This programme explains the role of the Competition Authorities and the need for every company to organise a Response Team. It also looks at the role and responsibilities of the Company Reception, Response Team Members and other employees who may be interviewed by the inspectors. It concludes by explaining how to debrief after a dawn raid and seeks confirmation from everyone involved that they have a clear understanding on how to behave.

The programme is divided into nine chapters (“offices”), which the inspectors will be visiting. During their visit, there will be a number of checkpoints for the learners to work through to ensure they understand the content. There is a final test in Office 8, where the learners must achieve the pass mark in order to complete the programme.

  • duration: 45 minutes
  • learning goal: helps the trainee to understand what may happen during a Dawn Raid and to ensure they know what steps to take if the offices are visited. The programme will also help employees become more familiar with the company policy.
  • format: html4
  • test section: 10 questions


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