How to bring and keep anti-corruption on the radar

Idox Compliance strongly believes that anti-corruption compliance is best managed through a continuous ‘dialogue’, enabling the company’s key stakeholders to make well-informed decisions in line with the company’s governance framework. Our solutions help employees to recognise potentially dangerous situations and understand the company’s policies and guidelines, not only to the letter but to the spirit, ultimately allowing them to make self-confident business decisions.

Idox Compliance created both a base training programme as well as refresher programmes together with Reynolds Porter Chamberlain on the subject of the UK Bribery Act and with Pohlmann & Company on global anti-corruption. Our content partners bring years of experience to the table and ensure the legal accuracy of the generic content. The main focus of this unique training and communication solution is to raise awareness of potentially dangerous situations and educate key stakeholders (employees, agents and distributors, suppliers, etc.) through business scenarios and real-life corruption cases.

Global anti-corruption base training & perception audit programme

This base training programme enables trainees to work through the fundamental concepts of anti-corruption within a guided dialogue where the learning process is enhanced by including interactive business scenarios and practical examples.

Global anti-corruption refresher programme & serious game

A sound compliance strategy includes not only effective training but also requires a regular audit of the current understanding and application of the compliance knowledge delivered. The refresher programme included in our anti-corruption training solution meets this challenge and is available in two versions:

Serious game: where the trainee is asked to 'beat' the various corruption monsters, thus giving them insight into the level of current understanding. The gaming component will encourage trainees to answer as many questions as possible.

Knowledge audit programme: where the trainee is directed to an additional information page on the subject when answering a question incorrectly, thus acting as a refresher to any previous education/training provided.

UK Bribery Act training programme

Staff training is an essential part of ensuring that your organisation has implemented adequate measures required to guarantee bribery prevention under the UK Bribery Act and ensure that all staff are aware of their responsibilities.

Our bribery compliance e-learning solution (accredited and approved as conforming to Continuing Professional Development: CPD - guidelines) has been developed alongside the legal expertise of leading UK based law firm Reynolds Porter Chamberlain. This online training programme has been designed to ensure that you, your employees and any associated partners are fully equipped with the knowledge they need to guarantee Bribery Act compliance in real-life situations and ventures.

The programme focuses on UK anti-bribery legislation that is tougher than implemented anywhere else. It is recommended that the board members of UK companies are seen to implement adequate procedures in order to mitigate the risk for bribery by employees, subsidiaries and agents. Our solution helps them to do so.

An adapted version of this programme was developed specifically for SME's.



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