Compliance Risk Assessment Tool

Automated Identification of your Compliance Risks with the Compliance Risk Assessment Tool

A compliance risk analysis is the systematic search for potential causes that could trigger compliance incidents. Every sophisticated compliance management system is based on a preceding risk analysis. Businesses need to know as many as possible of their compliance risks, in order to address them with their compliance management systems and try to minimize them with the help of appropriate measures.

What is the Compliance Risk Assessment Tool?

Our Compliance Risk Assessment Tool (CRA tool) is a structured and systematic method for the automated identification of your compliance risks. By using an online survey, your staff is asked about potential compliance risks in your business. The questions, clustered in different compliance areas, are about the risks themselves and measures that could result in reducing these risks. The relevance of these risks is determined by the answers that your staff provides, while risk-addressing measures automatically reduce these risks. In addition, an exemplary compliance culture will positively influence compliance risks of a business.

Dashboard for visualizing results

Results of the risk analysis should be visualized in a dashboard, to gain a better understanding and to support finding appropriate measures. Using a combination of different diagrams, risks and their assessment are presented in a graphic way, and can be filtered by country, organisation or department. Drill-down functionalities allow detailed analyses. The visualization is ideal to present the results of the risk analysis to the management or board of the business.

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