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Register of benefits

Ensure transparency in issues related to benefits

What is the register of benefits?

The idea behind the register of benefits is to provide you with a web-based tool with which your employees can report and document benefits received and granted. The tool issues employees with a response in line with your relevant guidelines. The response signalises whether it is possible to accept or grant the benefit, whether it needs to be verified or whether it must be refused.

Why is a register of benefits necessary?

A register of benefits allows you to ensure increased transparency when dealing with benefits. It is possible to view – both singularly and in total – who received a benefit from whom, who granted a benefit to whom and the nature of the benefit in question.

Furthermore, it documents the approval process. The relevant workflow presents case-by-case decisions on dealing with benefits.

What’s more, it provides further support to employees aware of corruption prevention issues, for example, in connection with an anti-corruption training program. In critical situations, your employees receive quick feedback on whether or not a benefit complies with internal guidelines.

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