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Compliance tools & platforms

Tools and platforms for your compliance management system

There are many benefits from our technical systems and solutions when it comes to implementing your compliance measures. They ensure transparency and audit-proof documentation – key components of an effective compliance strategy.

In order to systematically capture and evaluate all of the risks, our experts use a system that makes it possible to monitor and control risks over the course of time and also takes dependencies into account.

We deliver our compliance training programs via a learning management system that corresponds to the special requirements of compliance. It guarantees organised, planned and correct implementation of training campaigns, including audit-proof documentation.

Our register of benefits with documentation of the approval process ensures transparency and thereby helps to prevent bribery and corruption offences. Introducing and operating a whistleblowing initiative either in the form of an anonymous whistleblowing platform or as a telephone hotline also helps to ensure transparency.

You can determine the efficiency of your compliance management system and identify potential vulnerabilities with the help of our Integrity Compass. Enabling you to manage and optimise further compliance measures and easily adapt to changing circumstances.

Contact and advice

Are you looking for advice on compliance? We support you in setting up and improving your compliance programme. Just contact us!

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